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Pushkar is one of the most ancient cities in India. God Brahma temple built during the 14th century CE is located in Pushkar which is found rarely anywhere. It is also one of the five sacred dhaams or revered pilgrimage centers and is often appreciated as tirth- raj, literally means as ‘the king of pilgrim sites’. Call Us At 9828249879.

Over the years, Pushkar has radiated as one of the most preferred destinations among tourists not just from India, but also from abroad.Pushkar is also famous as ‘the rose garden of Rajasthan, India because the flower is grown extensively exported worldwide.A panoptic view of flowers will embrace you with enchanting feeling.Read More

Deluxe tent In Pushkar

Pushkar Camp Tapovan feels revered by offering deluxe tents in Pushkar to make your trip remarkable and distinguished.Our deluxe tents provide you the blend of natural beauty along with safe, secure and comfortable atmosphere for exploring momentous exposure to vivid and colorful Rajasthan

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Swiss tent In Pushkar

Swiss Tents of Pushkar Camp Tapovan are furnished with comfortable bed, rest chairs, clean and hygienic bedsheets, blankets, towels etc with 24 hours electricity, charging points, running water, room service and other facilities. Our tents are abiding in nature and exhibit a perfect blend of in lying endurance,

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Luxury tent in pushkar

Pushkar Camp Tapovan offers Luxury Tents In Pushkar.Our Luxury Tents follow the latest trend and are imperishable, enduring, hardwearing, abiding, glamorous, enticing, beauteous, and snappy and bestow you with delightful and contented feeling which add more magnificent experience to your tour.

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Camp In Pushkar

The majestic land of Rajasthan will result in marvelous experience of your voyage because of conflux of tremendous cultures and traditions, which makes it an outstanding and noteworthy place.If you are tired of crowded markets, lavish buildings, egotism and stilted malls and likewise, Camp in Pushkar.

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